Experience: Advanced

85% Complete

I have used Matlab on a range of projects and in almost a dozen different classes. My experience ranges from analyzing ECG data to generating psychophysics functions to designing graphics user interfaces for use by obstetricians.


Experience: Intermediate

50% Complete

Coded in Arduino for several projects and for Atlas. I have interfaced with servo motors, ECG circuitry, and positioning sensors- generally in conjunction with serial communication.

Web Development

Experience: Beginner

30% Complete

Well I built this website, didn't I?
I have an intermediate working knowledge of Javascript, and a limited working knowledge of HTML and CSS. I have used nodejs and d3js, and have begun experimenting with emberjs. I have used Squarespace and Strikingly, as well as Twitter Bootstrap.


Productivity Tools

Experience: Advanced

95% Complete

I have advanced experience across a host of productivity tools. I have written elaborate product requirement documents, customer release notes, and lab reports in writing reports in Microsoft Word and Google Docs, created thorough financial models for business cases and have performed extensive data analysis in Excel and Sheets, designed numerous presentations for internal and customer shareholders, and have used presentations to perform Wizard of Oz demos in Powerpoint, and layed out company documents in Publisher.

Mockup and Design

Experience: Intermediate

75% Complete

I have used Balsamiq Mockups to create the original mockups the for Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger platform.
I later used Balsamiq to layout the mobile application and embedded user interface for Atlas. At Unpakt and IPC, I created extensive mockups that I then translated to Adobe Fireworks Designs and fully-interactive Bootstrap sites. Such sites were sometimes used with a Wizard of Oz demo to present to internal teams and customers.


Biomedical Engineering Society

I was as a mentor to a freshman BME student whom I helped adjust to college life, navigate university and BME requirements, and select ideal courses. I now give guest lectures to BME classes at JHU.


New York Professional Advisors for Community Entrepreneurs is a network of volunteers who provide pro-bono consulting to entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities. I am currently on the advisory board for Financially CLEAN, which champions a financial literacy program designed to educate youth.


I started playing volleyball at Ridge where I was a three-time letter winner, a two-time captain, and two-time All-Conference selections- as a libero and then again as a setter.
At Johns Hopkins, I spent all my years as libero.
I currently play for the London Predators D1 Team.



Profficiency: Personal

55% Complete

I was raised in a Russian-speaking household, and I exclusively speak Russian with my family.