IPC Systems
Product Manager, Identity, Cloud Services, APIs

Jersey City; London
March 2015- February 2019

IPC Systems is the leading financial services communications provider, providing communications infrastructure to most of the world's largest banks. IPC is a full-stack provider from hardware and software on trader's desk, backroom infrastructure, managed network services, and dedicated networking bandwidth - everything but the cables themselves. At IPC, I managed an API platform to allow banks to programmatically control their communications estate - think Twilio for finance. I also managed our customer self-service platform which is integral to IPC's transition to being a cloud service provider and allowed customers to access reports, manage their services, and get support.

Product Manager

New York
February- December 2014

Unpakt is a moving company comparison site which helps people moving to get a precise and fixed quote and contract - think Kayak for moving companies. Moving is often rated as a stressful experience which is only compounded by the frequent experience of last minute additional charges. I managed the full product and aimed to solve this in two ways - working with moving companies to precisely calculate all expenses - tolls, gas-costs, person-hours, etc. etc. On the consumer's side, we built an interactive move-planner which chronicled moving inventory and calculated precise costs so we could present customers with a set of moving companies to choose from, together with a confirmed and contracted price.

Atlas Wearables
Co-Founder, COO

January- October 2013

Atlas started with a the simple idea that fitness trackers are stupid. At worst they counted arbitrary points (Nike Fuelband), or otherwise counted calories but were unable to differentiate walking from squating. Working with a classmate from Hopkins I built several prototypes and helped build an ANN algorithm which could differentiate different excercises in real-time based on data from the device - think Music Genome Project for exercise. Together with an electrical engineer, we launched Atlas Wearables and raised a six-figure seed round.