IPC Systems
Product Manager, Compliance and Risk

Jersey City, New Jersey
February 2016- Present

  • Led a seven-figure P&L team developing a new compliance portfolio product.
  • Led a cross-functional team to develop productize a new service offering.
  • Presented IPC's Compliance portfolio to customers in order to generate interest in new product and service offerings.
  • Validated product requirements through a regular cadence of program increment demos with select customers.
  • Regularly engaged with customers to present product roadmap, participate in application ideation workshops, and solicit feedback in order to validate IPC's strategy and generate enthusiasm throughout the customer base.
  • Built an eight-figure P&L business case for the management of the Compliance portfolio.
  • Trained in product and portfolio management under the Scaled Agile for Enterprise framework.

IPC Systems
Product Manager, Trading Communication

Jersey City, New Jersey
March 2015- April 2016

  • Led a seven-figure P&L team that develops IPC's Blue Wave Platform, Soft Client Applications, and Third Party Applications.
  • Supported the account teams'​ customer engagements, and curated documentation while managing our Affinity Partner Program.
  • Developed use cases and proof of concepts to demonstrate the power of Blue Wave APIs and to generate interest from customers.
  • Regularly engaged with customers to present product roadmap, participate in application ideation workshops, and solicit feedback in order to validate IPC's strategy and generate enthusiasm throughout the customer base.

Product Manager

New York, New York
February- December 2014

  • Initiated a formal product design process to improve the quality of features delivered and to improve transparency across the company.
  • Collaborated with heads of business development, operations, marketing, and customer service to understand needs of shareholders throughout the company.
  • Defined feature requirements and operation, and prepared documentation to bridge the gap between the shareholders and the technical team.
  • Worked with designers and front end developers to develop the product’s user interface and experience.
  • Communicated priorities to the development team leader to ensure completion of projects in a timely manner.
  • Oversaw the work of the Quality Assurance Analyst to ensure high-quality product was delivered.
  • Aided legal team in documenting the product for use in patent applications.

Titan Technology, Inc.
COO, Atlas Wearables

Austin, Texas
January- October 2013

  • Performed market research to determine device and software requirements.
  • Developed relationships with local gyms, companies, and universities and leveraged these relationships to test our device and gather data.
  • Extensively wireframed mobile application and embedded user interface using Balsamiq Mockups.
  • Created brand messaging, built brand bible, generated marketing collateral, and maintained website.
  • Designed 3D renderings in Autodesk Inventor for the wristband.
  • Provisional Patent: Analyses of Personal Data Captured by Personal Computing Device (U.S. Application Number 61/828,680; assigned to Titan Technology, Inc.).
  • Finalist in the 2013 JHU Business Plan Competition and member of Techstars Austin.

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Research Technologist Intern, Vestibular Neuro-Engineering Lab

Baltimore, Maryland
June- July 2013

  • Assisted in multiple surgeries performed on chinchillas.
  • Analyzed data recorded from chinchillas.
  • Troubleshooted and recovered fiber optic laser system.
  • Configured new experimental setup to replace crashed system.
  • Designed LabView program to make experimental setup compatible with legacy equipment.

Johns Hopkins University
Teacher's Assistant, Models & Simulations

Baltimore, Maryland
January- May 2013

  • Prepared material to review to students during recitations.
  • Created answer keys for exams and problem sets.
  • Gave class lecture during absence of professor.
  • Held office hours and exam preparation sessions for students.
  • Administered and graded exams.

Thomson Reuters
Product Manager Intern, Eikon

New York, New York
Summer 2012

  • Collaborated with product managers, developers, and clients to identify user needs.
  • Worked with developers and the Eikon Design Team to develop the product’s user interface and experience using Balsamiq Mockups.
  • Delegated tasks to developers and tracked progress and bugs throughout product development.
  • Performed quality assurance tests on the software that was developed.
  • Presented product recommendations to the CTO and Global Head of Platform for Thomson Reuters, the Global Head of Eikon Product, the Head of Mobile Product, and the Global Technical Director for Eikon based on work completed over the course of the summer.