Psychometric Functions
Systems Bioenginnering

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    Hearing Experiment 1
  • Script generates 7 distinct periodic sequences of clicks, each with a different repetition rate f0 (2 to 128 Hz).
  • Sequences are played multiple times (70 sequences total) in random order. Responses by the user (discrete or continuous) are recorded.
  • Script calculates the boundry frequency at which the user has a 50% probability of hearing the clicks as continuous.
  • Hearing Experiment 2
  • An irregular click sequence is produced by using ICIs drawn from a uniform distribution centered at a mean ICI.
  • Experiment has user determine if a click sequence sounds “aperiodic” or “periodic”.
  • Obtains psychometric functions for the conditions: ICI = 10ms; 25ms; 100ms.

NBA Three-Point Data Scraping
Personal, February 2015

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  • Created Node.js scraper to visit ESPN and read NBA three point attempt statistics.
  • Crawled to additional pages to return player height information not found on original table.
  • Added ability to query different years, and covered edge cases.
  • Exported information in JSON format.
  • Created R script to import JSON file, then parse and plot the data.

NFL Data Scraping
Personal, Spring 2014

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  • Learned basics of node.js via learnyounode.
  • Created scraper to visit ESPN and read NFL player data.
  • Built functions to return interesting pieces of data.
  • Added ability to query different years, and covered edge cases.
  • Allowed users to choose between different positions based on input.
  • Planning on building front end form to allow querying via browser.

Improving Obstetric Forceps
Design Team, Spring 2012- Spring 2013

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  • Worked with obstetricians and gynecologists to determine product need and defining engineering requirements.
  • Designed and implemented electrical circuits to determine proper trajectory of forceps.
  • Created graphics user interface to guide physician during delivery.
  • Showcased work at JHU Fall 2012 Design Day and Shark Tank, and JHU Spring 2013 Design Day.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring and Alerting
Honors Instrumentation, Winter 2013

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  • Assessed current state of remote cardiac monitoring to determine product need and feature requirements.
  • Designed and implemented wearable system to acquire and wirelessly send ECG data to a server.
  • Implemented algorithms designed by electro-physiologists to detect cardiac events.
  • Created interface to alert physician of cardiac events.
  • Awarded second place in Honors Instrumentation design contest.

Robotic Autonomy and Its Use in Floor Plan Mapping
Electronics Design Lab, Spring 2012

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  • Set up environment for gathering data from Kinect using Visual Studio.
  • Modified remote control car to allow direct control of steering and acceleration.
  • Interfaced computer to the RC car in order to control navigation based on incoming Kinect data.
  • Further modified the RC car to improve steering and increase its load-bearing capacity in order to accomodate for a laptop and Kinect.

Fiber Optic Tuohy Needle
Design Team, Fall 2010- Spring 2011

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  • Developed testing protocol and performed bench testing to determine scientific basis for design.
  • Assisted with product design, development, and prototyping.
  • Created a simulative environment for product testing and tested the prototype.
  • Created brand messaging, built brand bible, generated marketing collateral, and maintained website.
  • Provisional Patent: Fiber Optic Guided Tuohy Needle (U.S. Application Number 61/483,429; assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Company).
  • Showcased work at JHU Spring 2011 Design Day.